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Hey there, on this space, I'll try to talk about more personal topics and/or things I find less relevant to be posted on my main.
Pics I'll RT here are most likely ones with outfits / accessories I like, or I wished I could wear (>///<).
I wish you'll enjoy your stay (^_^)ノ

When you've got an intuition a dress you're ordering will look good on you, and it actually does.
✨ Euphoria time on the first try ✨

Quite the change from the "ordering clothes sucks" mood.

I finally took the bait on an ad and ordered 3 dresses on Sh**n C**ve.

I've been quite inactive recently, I'm still alive and going well, but I'm keeping my spoons because works takes quite a toll. This should be better starting from August.

I might have not been interacting on a frequent basis, but I'm not ghosting you 💜

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"How I accidentally breached a nonexistent database and found every private key in a 'state-of-the-art' encrypted messenger"


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Received my Swedish Collar today. It is way more comfy than I expected ✨💜✨
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I've kept it on while sleeping, and overall, I did a good night (I woke up at 3am, but swiftly went back to sleep). I think all that time spent with my eternity collar might have helped 💜

Had a tea party with one of my elder neighbors, which was the perfect opportunity to coming out to her. She was not surprised. We've had such an interesting exchange we lost track of time and parted at 10pm. 💜🍵

Last week, I've finally placed an order to get a Swedish Collar :3

Hi all, small update because I've been quiet on this account: I'm alive and thriving, voice training has been quite productive in my native language. I'm not yet at a satisfactory result with English, but I'm working on it 💜

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My voice coach made me use my M2, which is as breathy as one can imagine. However, the improvements brought on my M1 are mind blowing ✨✨💜✨✨

✨Aaaah, first voice training session on next Friday ✨
Honestly, I procrastinated so much to get a first appointment, but you just can't imagine how excited I am rn.

Today in the mail:
楽園 − 石川セリ (1985, Philips 32LD-45)

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✨Appointment secured for voice training ✨

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for those that haven't seen Australia's warning systems the radioactive symbol is always used regardless of if its oil on the road, asbestos, or a truck tips over and releases 10,000 bunnies.
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shout out to the person who had to hand draw out the alert boundary following over 1,400km of road... although they did miss a little bit
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@me I'm not sure how the system works but most alerts I see are suburb, lga or some other area and not a series of roads. It certainly looks hand drawn
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Why is that alert area so "precise"? Does that "danger" only exist at the close facility of exactly /that/ road?
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@benbe the capsule was lost along that road and they are looking for it. It's only really dangerous within 5m according to the reports
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@PetraOleum agreed. We are never going to find this thing otherwise
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@fincham if the capsule was lost somewhere over a 1400km stretch more than a week ago, increasing uncertainty means that it could easily be in my house in Wellington by now and therefore the Australian government owes me a geiger counter for me to play with just in case. I am not a crackpot
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@PetraOleum @fincham I'm disappointed that there are no ifixit guides for fixed radiation density gauges
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Well, those bunnies sure would cause a cuteness core meltdown … Don't see the problem there. ;-)
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@fincham @PetraOleum I mean these things - which I think is where the pallet was lost from

Currently wondering if I'm buying a Swedish Collar in a few months...

d(^ ω ^)b

10 months since I began HRT, 6 months since the end of prospective phase. Not yet passable, but my masked face just sent back feminine vibes. Euphoria is so sweet ✨💜💜💜✨

Obvious reminder that your gender is valid if you don't match that stereotype.

2005, strolling on the web: "*enviously looking at an elvish style bracelet* Wow, that bracelet looks really fancy. That would make a nice present for a girl... 👀"
2022, remembering it : "Former self already had a nice sense of style... Wait, that shop is still online and selling that bracelet? Treat time! 💅✨"

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Honestly, I hope twitter won't blow to smithereens, because I'm already missing a lot of artists and bots that are not (yet) on the fediverse. BTW, sorry if this accounts stays calm for the moment.