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Funny how collective amnesia apply regarding the existence of IP68-rated smartphones with user-replaceable battery (eg. Sony XP 10, Samsung Galaxy S5, as far as I can recall).

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I've seen the galaxy S5 mentioned on twitter I think
Possible. Point is, water-resistant battery replaceable can exist. As far as I can remember, the main advantage of the current design model is devices are slimmer.

oh yeah 100% can do.

also eh if thicker means more resistance to elements im for it

The S5 was IP67, if Wikipedia is to be believed. 🤔 Close enough!

It was the last Galaxy S-series I bought before jumping ship to Apple. The gasket on the back cover (for the battery/storage card/SIM compartment) was really neat!

I totally did not see the end of the removable battery/MicroSD coming after seeing that. 😑

I'd love a phone built like a NEMA 4X enclosure.

Basically two halves bolted together with actual screws, using standard heads, and an O-ring seal. Easy to open up, swap stuff, put back together.