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This website is beautiful ✿✿
Deux Fleurs is a non profit organization providing hosting without data centers. They are using old computers at home in France, using open source technologies.

The website interface is made with ASCII art
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Well, not a company but a NGO actually, but yes :)

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L’Autorité de sûreté nucléaire autorise EDF à exploiter dix ans de plus le réacteur 1 de Tricastin

C’est la première fois que l’ASN autorise un réacteur à fonctionner au-delà de 40 ans en France.

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40 years ago, DAICON IV (the 4th Osaka Japan SF Convention) opened with the screening of the following short animation film.

The team who produced that short would become later GAINAX, after Bandai noticed and financed them to produce Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise.

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Patch submitted to the #Linux kernel by a four-year-old girl🤠
Patch description
This patch fixes typos. Four year old girl submitted it with help from her Aunt.

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"I was thinking a Demon Core fondue pot would be good decor for a science-theme Halloween party."

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Réception du jour :
3 cartes à puces Magis pour m’amuser avec mes Minitels !
Elles contiennent un répertoire de numéros et de services Minitel
Elles sont lisibles directement sur un Minitel Magis mais il faut aller sur un service qui n’existe plus pour modifier leur contenu
#Minitel #Magis #LECAM
3 cartes à puces pour Minitel Magis contenant chacun un répertoire de services Minitels
Face arrière des cartes
Chacune indique le numéro et le code du service Minitel à appeler pour modifier le contenu du répertoire

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Elles étaient modifiables via le 3615 MAGIS avec un Magis « tout court »
ou via le 3623 MAGIS avec un Magis Club et une connexion haute vitesse dite « TVR (Télétel Vitesse Rapide) » étant jusqu’à 8 fois plus rapide
Sur mon Minitel Magis, ça donne ça pour la carte Magis « orange »
Elle semble être d’origine avec aucun autre numéro et nom de service en mémoire
La carte insérée dans le Minitel Magis qui affiche :
"Veuillez patienter... 
Analyse du contenu de la carte en cours" L'écran du Minitel avec affiché :
"Carte à puce MAGIS
1 - Répertoire"
L'écran du Minitel avec affiché :
"Veuillez patienter... 
Analyse du contenu de la carte en cours" L'écran du Minitel avec affiché une liste de code de services et du numéro 3615 à appeler
Pour la carte Magis « bleu »
Il semble y avoir quelques anciens services en plus
La carte insérée dans le Minitel Magis qui affiche :
"Veuillez patienter... 
Analyse du contenu de la carte en cours"
L'écran du Minitel avec affiché une liste de code de services et du numéro 3615 à appeler
Pour la carte Magis Club
Là il n’y a que des numéros vers des services via une connexion Minitel TVR

Il va falloir que je buche la doc technique du lecteur LECAM pour pouvoir lire et modifier leur contenu depuis mon serveur !

Il faudrait aussi que je trouve aussi d'anciennes cartes de paiement des années 90 pour voir si je peux interagir avec via mon serveur

si tu as besoin de faire des cartes qui répondent a des apdu specifiques j'ai des samples de javacard qui s'ennuient.. Je peux t'en filer et te montrer comment ten servir. A ta dispo!
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Des Java Cards ?! J'avais jamais entendu parler de ça !
c'est tres utilise dans l'industrie, toutes les cb et sim sont programmees avec ca. Dans le DIY cest encore faisable mais difficile a trouver. Voir les cartes JCOP de nxp. En gros t'as une vm java dans la carte et tu peux uploader des apps qui sont activees par des apdus.

Pour la curiosité, j'ai inséré les cartes dans mon Minitel Sillage
Il détecte bien que ce sont des cartes à mémoire mais il ne sait pas accéder à leur contenu

J'aurais bien testé avec un lecteur LECAM pour Minitel 1/1B/2/10/12 qui se branche sur la prise DIN mais j'en ai pas :(

La carte insérée dans le Minitel Sillage qui affiche :
"L'utilisation du lecteur de carte à puce nécessite une connexion avec un serveur"
Gros plan sur l'écran du Minitel Sillage qui affiche lors de l'insertion de la carte dans le lecteur :
"L'utilisation du lecteur de carte à puce nécessite une connexion avec un serveur"

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Communications with Voyager 2 have paused while its antenna is pointed a mere 2-degrees away from Earth. The team expects it to remain on its trajectory with a plan for the spacecraft to reset its orientation around Oct 15th, enabling communication to resume.
must be weird to know that one day, somehow, someone is going to be the last person to successfully send a message to Voyager and they'll end up as a footnote in Wikipedia: "communicating with the DSN right up until engineer X inadvertently ejected the antenna during what was meant to be routine observations"

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a lot of you here need this sticker. def not me though.
a pile of stickers with the text "Just because ICANN doesn't mean ISHOULD"
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A friend attending #ICML just sent me a photo of this front runner for best poster award.
Photo of a poster titled “You Can Just Put Up A Poster At ICML and Nobody Will Stop You”.

Reminds me of the people who just go in and hang their work at museums without asking permission (and it stays there for weeks or months at a time) ... you really have to admire it.

etc... etc..

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> „Die Geschichte der westlichen Kunst ist nur die Geschichte von Männern, die Frauen malen, als wären sie Fleischvasen für ihre Schwanzblumen“, sagte Gadsby, die anschließend Picasso zitierte „Jedes Mal, wenn ich eine Frau verlasse, sollte ich sie verbrennen.“ „Zerstöre die Frau, du zerstörst die Vergangenheit, die sie repräsentiert.“ Cooler Typ. Der größte Künstler des 20. Jahrhunderts.“

Gute Aktion. Macht mich nachdenklich.


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Cryptography is a tool for turning a whole swathe of problems into key management problems. Key management problems are way harder than (virtually all) cryptographers think.

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ちゃんと実際に使えるようにしてるのがポイント #過去作品紹介

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"Recently the security researchers at Midnight Blue in the Netherlands have discovered a collection of five vulnerabilities collectively called "TETRA:BURST" that apply to almost every TETRA network in the world. These two most critical vulnerabilities allow TETRA to be easily decrypted by consumer hardware." Hahaha oof

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I'll wait for a while to see if that article is considered serious, but Europeans should prepare for a radical change if AMOC collapses as quickly as advertised. More than temperatures, my main concern is focused on the drastic reduction of rainfall amounts.

Aww, big mood 💜

Small tip if you're accessing Hamnet from a VPN, through an Internet Service Provider that does DNS64 and NAT64: put the following lines in /etc/gai.conf to prefer using IPv4 for Hamnet (you'll have connectivity issue otherwise).

precedence ::ffff: 100
precedence ::ffff: 100
precedence ::1/128 50
precedence ::/0 40
precedence 2002::/16 30
precedence ::/96 20
precedence 64:ff9b::/96 15
precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 10

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💭 if a team of hackers all stop working at once, is that a cobalt strike?

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absolutely adoring this vibe by Swampskull :blobfoxcomfyhappy:


A late 70s styled advertising poster, modeled after the advertisements for the Commodore PET. 

The center of the poster features a casually leaning anthro rabbit in an all-red suit, pointing at a Commodore PET computer on the desk behind them.

Text at the top reads: "Check Out My New PET.
It Sits. It Stays. It Even Does Complex Math."

Text at the bottom reads: "PET
An Animal In The Office."

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Random idea, possibly silly or redundant

The Fediverse has no algorithm. I like this about it. You see what's happening as it happens.

Downside: You can miss something you care about.

It would be cool if several independent folks would write regular "You May Have Missed" newsletters about cool posts; curated by users for other users.

This lets us find stuff even when we aren't active when it was being posted or boosted initially.

Does anyone else think this could be useful?

EDIT: To be clear, I explicitly want it to be an email.

Not a list. Not an existing Fediverse feature. A goddamn email.

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Could be a really neat community newsletter sort of thing. Small town newsletter that you pick up when you walk into the library or the foodway sorta vibe.

Bulletin C 66 just dropped, no leap second to be added or removed in December 2023.

Bulletin D 142 set DUT1 = 0.0 s as of June 28th, 2023.


TIL that multicast routing isn't (yet) VRF-aware on VyOS Sagitta.
Feature request tickets T5321~T5323 have been opened to cover the matter.

TIL that Mikrotik's RouterOS 7 doesn't support routing on /31 subnets.

Funny how collective amnesia apply regarding the existence of IP68-rated smartphones with user-replaceable battery (eg. Sony XP 10, Samsung Galaxy S5, as far as I can recall).

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The S5 was IP67, if Wikipedia is to be believed. 🤔 Close enough!

It was the last Galaxy S-series I bought before jumping ship to Apple. The gasket on the back cover (for the battery/storage card/SIM compartment) was really neat!

I totally did not see the end of the removable battery/MicroSD coming after seeing that. 😑

I'd love a phone built like a NEMA 4X enclosure.

Basically two halves bolted together with actual screws, using standard heads, and an O-ring seal. Easy to open up, swap stuff, put back together.

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I think it's really funny that Apple's HQ is a literal walled garden
Apple HQ, a big black ring building in Cupertino with green space in the center of the ring

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il a été retrouvé. Un grand merci à vous tous <3
Finalement, juste attendre l'heure de son repas du soir aura suffit. J'avais peur car c'était sa première sortie.
Encore un très grand merci :blob_cat_heart:

mastodon, fait ta magie
mon chat s'est enfuie ce matin de chez mes parents (49300, cholet)
je vous mets des photos

il est gris, svelte, il a 2 ans et demi
il s'apelle Cacahuète mais perso je l'appelle Chaton

on peut me joindre par MP

boost appréciés


lien twitter pour plus de chance :

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Super bonne nouvelle. Belle journée

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les boites de progestérone ce délire des années 90, le design "jazz" quand même (je viens de tomber sur cet article)
boite de progestérone sur fond de vagues bleues dans un style des années 90, alors autour de la boite j'ai mis une disquette bleue de ms-dos et ma montre casio f91w
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ptdr c’est comme si la disquette avait été placée là exprès pour dater la photo j’adore

In yesterday's news, I've sent a RFQ to an artist to commission my QSL card. Maybe one day on the bands again? 🐱

The only bad physical characteristic I've found with triple and quadruple layer Blu-ray discs is the inability to visually control if a disc has already been burnt or not.

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2022: what if you had to find an alternative to twitter
2023: what if you had to find an alternative to reddit, discord, youtube, every single search engine, and microsoft windows

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Wrote a little something to read Host & Drive Revocation Lists from a Media Key Block. Question is: should I waste time to validate records against the public key in the spec? :3
Terminal output showing the content of a media key block, read record by record. On this screenshot, we can see the MKB version type and Host Revocation List.
Other screenshot that shows part of the Host Revocation List, the Drive Revocation List, the Media Key Verification record, and the structure of the rest of the file.

My blu-ray drive told me it's not friend with my HCert anymore.
Nevermind, I've been persuasive enough to get it to read actual data even if bus encryption is "required" :3c
LibreDrive Information:
Status: Enabled
Drive platform: (redacted)
Firmware type: Patched (microcode Access re-enabled)
Firmware version: 1.03
DVD all regions: Yes
BD raw data read: Yes
BD raw metadata read: Yes
Unrestricted read speed: Yes
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Oh, and I was able to flash my drive in an USB enclosure, from a VM. It's not compatible with UHD, but not my main target ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Intel branch predictors fully reverse-engineered:

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A keynote by @b0rk at a developer conference about how the #DNS works. But it is not just about the DNS, it is also about how to approach a new and complicated technology. Very surprising. (And the demo is live!)

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Flirting with limits (illustrated)
3D printer with a tall printed part, and the extruding nozzle at the same level as the top of the part. Close view of that limit switch, showing a clearance of less than 5mm with the Z slide
Same printer taken from another angle to show the extruder's Z axis slide with the Z+ limit switch.

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Content warning: block recommendation, csam

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Last week, the laying of submarine cable Natitua Sud has begun and should be completed with its landing in Tubuai on May 15th, should the weather be favorable.

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Fantastic reporting by @kimzetter here - a year long report into what went down with #Solarwinds.

I'd like to highlight this bit. Zero trust, my arse. Lots of new details in this report.

While investigating (and not finding) the Solarwinds incident in mid-2020, Mandiant installed Solarwinds and infected its own internal network.

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The attackers were inside Solarwinds for 2 years before discovery.