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- "How obscure are your musical tastes?"
- "Well, today I found out I've got a full shelf of CDs the national library in charge of the mandatory deposit in my country does not even have in its database, which lead me to read back the law to ensure I wasn't liable to a hefty fine."
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- "How obscure are your music tastes ?"
- "Half of it was never shared on soulseek"
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Hum, that's not really an incitation to share...
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tbf I share 99% of my library being online daily. But I still keep a few exclusive recordings which I know are either very rare to come by or shit I recorded from livesets from when I used to work as a sound engineer.

The rare records no one would actually be interested in, the live sets could easily be tied to me if they happend to leak on yt or something.