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Short demo of our central repeater management utility.
Version 0.1 almost ready to ship.

With the growth of the regional repeater network, fellow hams asked for an easy way to control their repeaters. Here is version 0.1 of that product, which is able to manage a list of repeaters, then to send various commands (ping, change room, disconnect repeater, enable or disable repeater logic, reboot the system).

Next version will be shipped with proper privilege separation, group ACL management, and a few refinements.

Key moments:
0:00 Repeater agent running on our test stub. Network has just been cut, to show that connectivity loss can be recovered.
0:33 Repeater agent recovering its connection to the control segment.
0:39 Connecting to the management interface
0:44 Browsing through the repeater list.
0:49 Showing the repeater properties editor
1:05 Ping demo with our test laptop which is connected with user 'f4hof-s'. The UI shows a notification toast to confirm the "repeater" has acknowledged our command.
1:19 Changing conference room
1:34 Rebooting the remote system. Command hasn't been acked because the system rebooted too quickly. This will be fixed in the initial release. Please notice that the notification toast shows a warning as the command hasn't been confirmed.

Coming soon: remote control of analog repeaters through #Hamnet. cc @Fred F4EED/KI7QQP
Control plane uses MQTT, either in fire and forget mode, or with reliable delivery and explicit command acknowledgement. #hamr #hamradio