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Hi all, this account is still active, I'm planning to use it in case #deletetwitter takes form. TBH, I need to check if I can use something to cross-post to the blue bird from here, it would be a good solution.
doubt, there is only for mastodon/pleroma/akkoma <> twitter
Apparently, there's a bidirectional addon I need to activate and set up.
@dashie if you find a mastodon API for python, you can use it with the twitter API to send posts on twitter.

tbh I am not sure I want to cross post this way, if everything is still available on twitter no one will switch.

also twitter->mastodon crosspost is not desirable for me, I want to recenter on technical projects (and activism) and leave politics away, so Im not sure I want to spam my mastodon with too many twitter shitposts.
@f4grx I do use the crossposter, but only with toots or tweets with a specific hashtag
and tbh I use that mostly for statuses with pictures/videos from mobile to avoid having to do two times the thing :P