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(evidence of me going outside)

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We have to deromanticize community. It's not some pristine untouched forest of soft moss and good vibes. The corporations count on that misconception to stripmine us for content.

Community has always been as weird and messy as humans are. It's work. It's relationships. It's hard. There isn't a magic number. They aren't inherently anticommercial. They don't all look or act the same.

That's one of the reasons I wrote this and am driven to write more:

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I slept very poorly last night due to the news that Musk gave privileged / possibly PII & DM level access of Twitter mod access to a variety of strident anti-LGBTQ (especially anti-trans) bigots who masquerade as journalists. This is an incident which would require user notification under California law, if it weren’t for the platform owner granting it. It still might be a violation of privacy laws. It’s absolutely a disaster for all LGBTQ people who used Twitter.

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Given who it was, Palestinians also
I don't understand the problem.

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Content warning: News article on trans legislation in Scotland

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Got recognized in the street by somebody I either don't know or don't remembered 💀💀 0/10 won't recommend the associated feelings.
I wonder how famous people cope with this.

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In August 2011, Los Alamos techs posed 8 plutonium rods on a work table to take a few photos.

Had these rods rolled into each other there would have been an instant criticality event. (Think "Demon Core")

Worst still, a supervisor who saw the display ordered the techs to safe the rods, ignoring the protocol to evacuate EVERYBODY (b/c even a hand could moderate the neutrons & cause criticality).

It caused a 4-year, billion-dollar shutdown.


Smart people + overfamiliarity = stupid things.
8 plutonium rods

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Deconstructing the myth of the Tatar Yoke - Marlies Bilz-Leonhardt
DOI: 10.1080/02634930802213916

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in the good timeline, GPT finally trains humanity to understand that someone who's eloquent is not therefore automatically trustworthy

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excellent interpretation of current events. 😀

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The Council of the EU has adopted the EU Network Information Security (NIS) 2 Directive. This will bring in much needed stringent security requirements for many orgnaisations operating and providing critical services to EU citizens

#NIS2 #CyberSecurity

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New bait & switch technique: fake options and close button cc @Deceptive Design

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The consistent increased risk of diabetes after Covid across all age groups, highest in the first 3 months after infection, from a systematic review of 9 studies, ~40 million people

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Transgender day of remembrance

For #TDoR2022, I'm having a thought for who left us on Dec 31st, as well as all of us who didn't make it because of transphobia. We miss you.🕯️

Self hosted maston, now with network failover :3

Finally got rid of Google Authenticator (I'm using Aegis as a replacement). The transfer was a bit tedious, because you need to export up to 4~6 accounts each time with the QR code technique but it worked.

It's been 0 day(s) since MS Sharepoint applying an implicit limit of 100 results on list queries broke something in production.

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Watching the wild ride that is South Australia power network islanded and having too much uncontrollable power generation (solar). They are apparently tapping sub station transformers to beyond 253v to trip solar inverters.

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it’s a truly wild problem to have :(

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This a small python script you can use to post from the command line.

Go to Preferences>Development and create a new application. Then grab the access token and put it in the script along with your instance name.

import requests as r
import sys
u=f"{h}/api/v1/statuses",data=d,headers={'Authorization':f'Bearer {t}'})


Then just printf or echo your post and pipe into it
Screenshot of bash terminal with the command `printf "nobody\n\nme: ey watch your step tough guy, I'm poastin' here" | python3` and then my mastodon home page with the post visible after it was sent

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a couple of years ago I wrote a (partially complete) "Modbus Tweets" account on the bird site. Never finished it. Kinda wanna dust it off for Mastodon though. I was going to have one of my home's lights operable via @ and DM, just base64 encode a modbus request and get a base64-encoded response...
@reverseics that's such a sick idea. The twitter dev API is annoying because you need to apply to do an application and can get rejected (like me) for not having a good enough reason to have a token. There's a lot of potential for really easy automation with mastodon and enough access controls to make it work without as much hassle

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the misinfo knows what to inform you about because it knows what it isnt

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HRT Diary

7th month. Interaction between Fexofenadin and Spiro is confirmed, as far as I'm concerned. Since I've stopped the former on last month, the latter's effects have been reduced, which can be seen by the reduced K levels in blood. Let's see what gives with blood pressure tomorrow.
T: 0.96 nmol/L (-0.14), E2: 382 pmol/L (+11), LH: 0.3 U/L (-0.18), FSH: <0.11 U/L (same as last mo.)

Same settings as last time (13J/cm², 3ms pulses, 755nm), but with a wider diameter. Jaw line is still the most sensitive part, but the improvement is undeniable. 💜✨

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I keep seeing people say Mastodon is nothing like Twitter. And they’re right.

Mastodon is an echo of the old internet, it’s decentralised, chaotic. What you get depends on your sysadmin. You can’t search, everything has to be shared to you by a human. Networks split apart and rejoin. What you see is your unique connection to it.

Is this good? Maybe. But for me that’s the internet I grew up with. No algorithms, no targeted adverts, just human interaction, and it was glorious.

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This also is very much like early Twitter. I joined in 2007. Twitter was a cheap group SMS service, it connected you to your friends not to companies and celebrities.

I get that I’m not like most people. I grew up in a very conservative rural area so the internet has always been my connection to friends and peer groups, a way to converse with people rather than a way to escape or get famous.

@Jelora, est-ce que serveur minitel est encore opérationnel? Je viens d'apprendre que Xtel est encore packagé sur Debian, et si c'est encore le cas, je vais sortir mon Sportster Flash pour tester ça :3
Non j'ai pas ça
Si tu me dis quand tu appelles, je peux juste te dire si je vois de l'activité sur les LEDs RX et TX du serveur
Merci pour le temps que tu y as passé, je vais d'abord contrôler mon installation localement, et je viendrai te rembêter plus tard.

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Find your Twitter friends on Mastodon!

Pour l'instant c'est surtout s'assurer d'être facilement trouvable grâce à cet outil, car peu de monde (en tout cas dans la twittosphère fr) y à déjà associé ses deux comptes. Mais plus l'usage se répand dans nos communautés, plus ça sera utile :).

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Testing Mathjax on my instance with the Maxwell-Faraday equation:

$$\oint_{\partial \Sigma} \mathbf{E} \cdot \mathrm{d}\boldsymbol{\ell} = - \frac{\mathrm{d}}{\mathrm{d}t} \iint_{\Sigma} \mathbf{B} \cdot \mathrm{d}\mathbf{S}$$
Neat 💜 (even if it doesn't have the \oiint command.)
Take that, twitter.

TIFO friendica supplies a Mastodon-compatible API since 2021.06, meaning that I can use Tusky with my instance 💜
tu dois pouvoir utiliser le crossposter alors je pense si une appli mobile arrive a l'utiliser

Hi all, this account is still active, I'm planning to use it in case #deletetwitter takes form. TBH, I need to check if I can use something to cross-post to the blue bird from here, it would be a good solution.
@f4grx I do use the crossposter, but only with toots or tweets with a specific hashtag
and tbh I use that mostly for statuses with pictures/videos from mobile to avoid having to do two times the thing :P
@dashie ah if you can select what to forward, thats good!

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Attendez mais… serait-ce la fonction que j’attendais sur ma Livebox depuis presque 10 ans ?!

Tests in /P, the antenna tunes well on 40m with this setup.

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Nouvel article de blog en ligne où j'expose ma technique personnelle pour trouver les courroies de remplacement lors de mes réparations
Bonne lecture ! :)

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Superbe article bien détaillé !! Merci pour le partage, c'est super intéressant.

J'ai juste relevé une coquille : "soit-même" au lieu de "soi-même" :3
Merci pour ton retour et la coquille ^^

Currently building a #gemini web proxy.
Connection handling, text/gemini parser, and UI mockup are done.
I'm currently implementing the backend, and the browsing code.

Ce que j'aime avec Perl 6 (pardon, ça s'appelle #Raku désormais), c'est la terminologie, qui me donne l'envie de retourner à la fac.

J'apprends donc que Raku a de l'auto‑vivification, de l'auto-boxing, de la contrainte *et* de la coercition, des allomorphes, des sigils et des twigils, et surtout le gobage gourmand des arguments restants.