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Coming soon: remote control of analog repeaters through #Hamnet. cc @Fred F4EED/KI7QQP
Control plane uses MQTT, either in fire and forget mode, or with reliable delivery and explicit command acknowledgement. #hamr #hamradio
SVXReflector log trace showing the controlled repeater leaving and connecting back, due to multiple "change module" commands being sent. Agent debug trace showing the command being received reliably through MQTT and the acknowledgement message being sent back and the action being launched (switching to room frm).
Sender debug trace showing the command being sent reliably through MQTT and the acknowledgement message being received.

Today in the mail:
楽園 − 石川セリ (1985, Philips 32LD-45)

I was unable to pull the data wire, since the duct was obstructed, so I went the wireless way. Next step: attempting to switch telemetry from legacy to standard format.

New bait & switch technique: fake options and close button cc @Deceptive Design

MFW abandoned unpowered systems are holding precious place. #IfYouKnowYouKnow

Self hosted maston, now with network failover :3

J'arrive à me connecter et à utiliser les touches spéciales, mais les frappes clavier ne sont pas reconnues... Ré-essayé depuis X11 au lieu de Wayland, et sur un autre numéro, mais c'est pas mieux. Il va falloir que je gratte pour voir ce qui ne va pas...

@Jelora, est-ce que serveur minitel est encore opérationnel? Je viens d'apprendre que Xtel est encore packagé sur Debian, et si c'est encore le cas, je vais sortir mon Sportster Flash pour tester ça :3

Neat 💜 (even if it doesn't have the \oiint command.)
Take that, twitter.

TIFO friendica supplies a Mastodon-compatible API since 2021.06, meaning that I can use Tusky with my instance 💜

Tests in /P, the antenna tunes well on 40m with this setup.